Student Spotlight: Kate Judson

Student Spotlight: Kate Judson

Yoga Heights is made up of many fascinating people.  We are excited to introduce you to them one by one via the blog!

Meet Kate, who stays busy by working to make DC a great, green place to live, chasing after her toddler sons, and enjoying her neighborhood! She finds peace in yin classes and loves Yoga Heights’ inclusive philosophy and the diversity of its yogis. Read on to learn more about Kate!

Yoga Heights: Why do you practice yoga?

Kate: To gain strength and bring peace to my crazy life as a working mom to toddler twins!


YH: Tell us about your first experience at Yoga Heights.

K: I think my first class was a yin yoga class with Amy. I remember leaving and feeling more relaxed than after a professional massage. I was hooked!


YH: What classes do you go to at YH and why?

K: I most enjoy yin yoga and all levels flow.


YH: What do you do when you’re not on the mat?

K: During the day I work for the District’s Department of Energy & Environment and lead the coordination and implementation of the District’s Sustainable DC Plan (a 20-year plan to make DC the healthiest, greenest, and most livable city in the US. Learn more here: When not working, I am chasing after my almost 3 year old twin boys, drinking coffee, or enjoying brunch at Anxo on Kennedy Street!


YH: Where did you grow up?

K: In sunny Sarasota, FL.


YH: What neighborhood do you live in now? People love to know about their neighbors!

K: I live in Brightwood Park near the Kennedy Street neighborhood. I am excited to live near two Yoga Heights locations now!

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