Word of the Year: Enjoy

Word of the Year: Enjoy

By Jess Pierno

Do you have a word for the year?

For the last few years, instead of thinking about grand resolutions for the new year, I’ve been settling in on a word that sums up my intention for how to live during the next 365 days.  Doing this feels like less pressure to achieve some big transformational goal, but more authentically live true to my own voice on a daily basis.  

This is also a recognition that it is totally ok to be totally ok with who you were in the last year, and nothing needs to change.  Sometimes I worry that we get too caught up on “being better” or self-improvement.  It is a wonderful feeling to look around and realize that you are actually quite happy with yourself, your choices, your surroundings.



So I pick a word, like setting an intention at the beginning of a yoga class.  I find it popping into my head at different moments throughout the year, and I try to let it be a subtle reminder when I’m making plans, feeling overwhelmed, or thinking about what adventure is next.  One year it was “Thrive” and another year was “Empower.”  This year I think I’m settled onto “Enjoy.”  



What is your word for 2018? Post it in the comments to share some inspiration!

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