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Alicia Swanstrom

Carrier of one BIG green heart. Granola maker. 

Alicia has always felt at home moving around a kitchen. At a young age, with a passion and a love for food, she began teaching herself how to cook. Back then, she dreamt of spending her days baking up a storm in her own bakery or working with her hands in a flower shop.

After settling into life in the corporate world, she ran into an old high-school friend, Doug Green, who was in the last stint of his 4-year contract with the Army. Four months into their relationship he deployed to Afghanistan. Four months after that, on a routine morning patrol, he was killed in action.

Witnessing Doug’s experience of war from a distance and then losing him gave Alicia a newfound understanding of just how precious life is. With a desire to truly savor each moment, she made some big life changes to work toward a life that was more fulfilling. She quit her job in public accounting and set out on a journey of self-discovery.

At first, it took her to Northwestern to study magazine writing. Then through a health coach certification program, and finally through yoga teacher training. Along the way, she got back into the kitchen and started making nourishing meals made with whole ingredients, including fresh batches of her handmade granola every Sunday. She found solace in the process and cooking brought her the type of happiness she experienced during her time with Doug.

When all was said and done, she knew she wanted to be in the one place that had always felt like home.

It is with Greenheart Granola that she shares with you a very big piece of her heart and, of course, a piece of Doug’s, too.


From the Farmer delivers farm-fresh fruits and vegetables to your home, which means eating fresh, seasonal, and local in the D.C. area is now as easy as opening your door.





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Learn more about From the Farmer’s Farm Philosophy….

Local. Local truly means local – our produce comes from the farm to your door through a single distribution center to minimize our carbon footprint and to ensure you get the freshest produce of the season. To this end, all of our farm partners and artisanal producers reside within 150 miles of Washington, DC.

Passion. Many attributes can further describe passion – dedication, attention to quality, a desire to share with others, adventurous, and more. Plain and simple, our farm partners love what they do; they take pride in their work, and want to share with you their labor of love.

Sustainability. Our farm partners are advocates for local food and the protection of farm plant. They use chemicals only as necessitated by extreme cases and they seek continuing education to maintain their mastery of their craft.

Community. As a cornerstone of From the Farmer, our farm partners are very high touch and both appreciate and cultivate opportunities to connect with their customers. You’ll get a first hand opportunity to participate in the farm community during From the Farmer special events.


Bettina Knapp

Founder & Owner

All Ahimsa Foods products are:




  • NO GMO’S



  • NO MSG

  • NO SOY

Ahimsa is the principle of non-violence toward all living things. No animal products are used, no plant is harmed in terms of genetic alteration, nor will the human body be harmed through toxins in the food.

Ahimsa Foods is a new vegan food production company specializing in organic, ready to eat foods, produced without any preservatives, genetically modified ingredients, artificial coloring, or flavor enhancers. Whether you are committed to a vegan lifestyle, you are a health-conscious flexitarian, or suffer from allergies, our products are the perfect way to enjoy your favorite foods without any compromise!

“Let the food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

– Hippocrates