The Yoga Heights Wellness Philosophy

It is our goal at Yoga Heights to offer movement classes and nutrition education and programs to create balanced wellness for every body, at every level and every budget. In every aspect or what we do, we seek to empower our community to live with balance, confidence, jubilance, kindness and gratitude. Our Yoga Heights team is committed to working with you to ensure that health and wellness fit your schedule, your lifestyle and your goals.

Certified sports nutrition coach and wellness educator, Amy Rizzotto, is dedicated to working with you to develop a positive relationship with food and a lasting healthy lifestyle. By creating customized personal eating plans she will help you achieve your personal nutrition and wellness goals and transform your overall well-being.

Meet Amy, Yoga Heights’ Nutrition and Holistic Wellness Coach

Yoga Heights_Amy Rizzotto Nutrition Coach

Amy Rizzotto is a certified sports nutrition coach and wellness educator*. She provides expert personal nutrition guidance through customized healthy eating programs tailored specifically to each individual’s lifestyle. Amy has developed a successful nutrition coaching practice, serving a wide range of clients throughout the Washington, D.C. metro area.

In addition to her private client work, Amy also provides sports nutrition and wellness workshops. These workshops help participants develop healthy eating habits for everything from on-the-job meals and snacking to athletic competition.

Amy is also a yoga instructor, wellness writer ( and Owner of Yoga Heights.

*Amy Rizzotto received a professional certificate in Sports Nutrition, Performance and Wellness from Washington State University in May 2013. Please note: Amy is not a Registered Dietitian (RD) or medical nutritionist. Please inform Amy of any current or previous medical conditions that may affect any dietary modifications. Students with diabetes and/or a history of eating disorders should consult with their doctor before entering any nutrition program.