The Yogi Test Lab: Homemade Facewash and Toner

The Yogi Test Lab: Homemade Facewash and Toner

From our labs to yours, here are your yoga teachers’ top natural lifestyle hacks!

By Becky Paris, with contributions from Amy Rizzotto

When I first took the leap into full-blown hippie lifestyle about 5 years ago, I made the decision to cut out any extraneous harmful chemicals and toxins I was applying to my skin. I switched over to making safe and comforting face and body products from scratch.

I’m no Martha Stewart, so when I realized this was as easy as it is, I was hooked.

This was great for my desire to limit certain products from entering my body, and it was pretty great for my wallet, too (y’all face products are EXPENSIVE), but I had no idea the overall improvement this switch would make in my life.

Since I was young, I’ve had very *very* dry skin. I’ve had doctors tell me I needed medical creams to keep my painful, itchy skin tame. I’m talking the kind of skin that when it gets cold and dry will crack open and bleed.

So, when I gave up on all the creams, lotions, and “moisturizing” soaps in favor for an entirely homemade skincare regimen, I was shocked to find that TAH-DAH!!! all of a sudden, my skin was not just absorbing less toxins, it was kinda soft and silky and nice.

Teacher and co-owner Amy Rizzotto has combination skin. And her experience, while coming from another angle, wasn’t too different than my own. She struggled with skin issues through her teens and twenties, trying just about everything to keep her face looking clear and bright. In the past, coerced by dermatologists, she used a lot of harsh topical creams to take on blemishes and improve skin texture. But looking back, she says she feels these prescription-strength treatments “did more harm than good” – stripping her skin of its natural oils and leaving her with a mixed bag of oily and dry spots. In the past few years, her routine has gotten A LOT more natural and it all started with a simple and now favorite homemade toner.

Between Amy and I, we’ve tested a lot of different recipes for skincare, and we’ve found a few that we find works best for us. We’d love to pass down this knowledge, and we hope it works for you, too. Try it out, and let us know what you think!

Becky’s Oil Facewash/Moisturizer (great options for all skin types!)

What you’ll need:

  • 1 small dropper bottle
  • Oils for you skin type (see below)
  • Washcloth
  • Rosewater

Oil options:


Dry Skin: 1 part Apricot Kernel oil, 1 part Hazelnut oil, and ¼ part Castor oil. 10 drops Lavender essential oil per 4 oz batch.




Combination Skin: 1 part Sweet Almond oil, 2 parts Argan oil, and 2 parts Rosehip Oil. 10 drops Tea tree essential oil per 4 oz batch.



What to do:

  1. Mix your oils in your dropper bottle. Give it a little shake before using.
  2. Splash some hot water on face to open pores.
  3. Rub a dime size amount of oil blend onto face. Massage in a circular motion, focusing on jawline, brow, and other places you may hold a little extra tension.
  4. Run washcloth under hot water, wring out, then place over face. Hold for a few moments, then wipe oil off with washcloth.
  5. Repeat step 4 as many times as it takes to remove all oil (2 or 3 times usually does it).
  6. Finish with splashing face with a bit of Amy’s toner, or a little bit of rosewater.


Amy’s NatuRiffic Toner

What you’ll need:

  • 1 small travel container with a flip-lid (like these)
  • Apple cider vinegar (I like Bragg’s)
  • Witch Hazel with Aloe (I like Thayer’s)
  • Tea Tree Oil (optional)

Mixture options:

  • Dry Skin: 1 part ACV to 2 part Witch Hazel
  • Combination Skin: 1 part ACV to 1 part Witch Hazel
  • Acne-prone skin: Add 4-6 drops tea tree oil per 2 oz batch

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