Student Spotlight: Catherine DuBois

Student Spotlight: Catherine DuBois

Yoga Heights is made up of many fascinating people. We are excited to introduce you to them one by one via the blog!

Catherine appreciates yoga’s ability to help her tune into her body and mind, and has been coming to Yoga Heights at least once a week for over a year and a half now! Read on to learn more about our neighbor and fellow yogi Catherine.


Yoga Heights: Why do you practice yoga?

Catherine: Yoga is incredibly calming and self-centering for me. Yoga is a way for me to tune into myself, and focus on where my body and mind are at that day. I try to practice a little bit each day, in some capacity, as a way to carve out time to slow down and prioritize myself.


YH: Tell us about your first experience at Yoga Heights.

C: Back in February 2016, I did the 3 weeks of unlimited classes deal that YH offers. I quickly got hooked and have been coming back to YH ever since!


YH: What classes do you go to at YH and why?

C: It depends on the week, but I tend to go to the late morning or evening all level flow and power yoga classes. I also try to go to a yin class once a week.


YH: What do you do when you’re not on the mat?

C: I’m the director of the National Sexual Assault Hotline where I oversee a national team of a couple hundred folks, so that takes up most of my time and energy when I’m not practicing. Hobby-wise, I also take a weekly pottery class at the District Clay Center.


YH: Where did you grow up?

C: I grew up in Austin, Texas <3


YH: What neighborhood do you live in now? People love to know about their neighbors!

C: Park View, literally half a block away from the studio!


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