Student Spotlight: Benjamin Finkel

Student Spotlight: Benjamin Finkel

Yoga Heights is made up of many fascinating people.  We are excited to introduce you to them one by one via the blog!


Benjamin Finkel is a super dedicated yogi who quietly comes in, sets up in the front row, and digs deep into his practice every time.  Since his first visit to YH in July of 2015, Ben has taken more than 225 classes. Check out his work as a cameraman, which is his super cool day-job, via the link in our interview below.


Yoga Heights: Why do you practice yoga?

Benjamin: I run around with a heavy camera on one shoulder which throws me pretty far off balance. Yoga straightens me out.


YH: Tell us about your first experience at Yoga Heights.

B: About a year before I joined Yoga Heights when I lived in Silver Spring, a friend invited me to a restorative class at Yoga Heights with a live guitarist and wine. I was sore for the next week.


YH: What classes do you go to at YH and why?

B: I really joined Yoga Heights because of the variety and frequency of classes. My work schedule changes day to day, so I end up in lots of different classes at different times.


YH: What do you do when you’re not on the mat?

B: I’m a cameraman and video editor producing content for a variety of broadcast and corporate clients. From ESPN, Discovery and Access Hollywood to Hilton, Boeing and the American Cancer Society, I do it all. Check out


YH: Where did you grow up?

B: Columbia, MD


YH: What neighborhood do you live in now?

B: Columbia Heights


All of the teachers love having Ben in their classes because of his genuine and steady approach to his practice.  His handstand skills are a reflection of what happens when you commit to your practice and keep showing up.


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