Fundraisers and Donations

Yoga Heights is committed to supporting organizations that better the community and world around us. If you would like to inquire about one of our fundraiser classes or a donation for your organization’s upcoming event, please email


Host a Fundraiser Class for Your Charity of Choice with YHDC

Are you a member of a community service organization, volunteer group or simply a kind soul looking to rally support around a worthy cause? Let Yoga Heights help you put together an awesome fundraiser for a charity near and dear to your heart.

As part of our commitment to offering yoga for every body, at every level and every budget, we’d be happy to host a donation-based, fundraiser class where proceeds go to your charity of choice. You’ll spread the word to your network, we’ll share the event with our community and it will be a huge fundraising success!

Interested? Please send Juliana an email at to start the planning process today! Keep in mind that we’ll need at least 60 days lead time to schedule, plan and promote the fundraiser class.

Yoga Heights strives to nourish and support the community within and outside of our studio every day. Our students are all local and thus they are part of the community at large. In our first year and a half, we have given away thousands of dollars worth of classes for silent auctions, door prizes,  and more to support causes near and dear to our hearts and those of our teachers and students. We take our mission of making yoga accessible to everybody very seriously. We have free chair yoga with the senior center across the street so that about 20 seniors get yoga on a weekly basis. We also provide free yoga for Wangari gardens all summer long. Over the past year and a half we’ve brought yoga to the EL Haynes, Tubman, Bruce Monroe, and Chavez schools. These classes have touched both students and staff. Internally, we have the Karma Pass Program which allows anyone to pay $5 per class for up to four classes per month. This makes yoga attainable for people who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford it. Additionally, our studio assistants are all local and work in exchange for yoga. We are committed to making yoga affordable for anyone that wants to incorporate it in their lives. Our mission is  yoga for “every body at every level and every budget.” We uphold this mission with the utmost integrity and are dedicated to working with anyone who reaches out to make sure yoga can fit in their budget.